Command Line Actions


Tilix supports the use of command line actions to have the running instance execute an action that you would typically do through the user interface. The use case for this functionality is to be able run a script within tilix that causes it to perform certain commands. For example, to have Tilix run the command yaourt -Syua in a new terminal that is split right, the following command can be used:

tilix -a session-add-right -x "yaourt -Syua"

The -a, or --action, command line switch is what is used to specify the action to be executed. Any action executed is always done relative to the terminal where the command was executed. Any command line parameters that are specified as part of the command get passed to the new terminal. This allows you to do a variety of things such as use a different profile, specify the working directory or as per the example above, execute a command.

Supported Actions

The actions are specified using the same keys you see in dconf for the key shortcuts at /com/gexperts/Tilix/keybindings. While any action shown here can be sent via the action parameter, not all of them are supported or will work. Some of the actions, such as Synchronize Input, would require additional parameters to function correctly.

The table below is the list of officially supported actions at this time:

Action Description
session-add-right Splits the terminal right
session-add-down Splits the terminal down
app-new-window Creates a new Tilix window
app-new-session Creates a new Tilix session